Terms and Conditions

This Agreement contains the following provisions:-

1. Your Acceptance of this Agreement is given verbally & on documents too.
2. Scope of this Agreement is utilize our manpower for your existing /running /upcoming projects.
3. Changes to this Agreement is subject to future requirement or scope of projects.
4. You have given Permission to use the Website / application /tools to run projects.
5. Website Communications and Orders are allowed by you.
6. Changes to the Services can be modify as per both parties requirement,
8. Termination of this Agreement depend on both parties, we close communication by giving 60 days notice period to both parties.
9. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution totally your responsibility.


1. It will clearly depends on your scope of work & assigned do’s & don’t of given projects.

Kindly align the Refund policy to be in line with the products and services available on the website and include the number of days taken to process the refund within 10 days post communication